I was thinking bout cutting my hair…Wondering how I’d look with a different hairstyle and I figured why not see what I’d look like without the usual hair…
This is what my utter boredom and time came up with XD

Yeah…I’m pretty sure Gaga’s the only living soul who can pull off the hairbow XD

Lawrd save me…


So, as promised this post is dedicated to my most recent trip πŸ˜€

It started off initially as just a short trip my mum and I were going to take to catch Lady Gaga in Miami but somehow or the other, inevitably, the rest of the family decided to tag along and make it a full on family affair…Complete with plans to take a road trip through Florida (wtf?! I know, my dad’s genius idea). Anyways, since the rest of the family decided to join, my dad urged my mum to buy tickets for the Miami Heat vs Indiana Pacers basketball game that was going to take place the weekend we got there and I bought my tickets for Gaga WAY in advance, although since I didn’t really like my seats I gave them to my dad and brother and bought General Admission Floor tickets, just because they gave me a chance to be as close as possible to my Gaga<3
Anyways, on Christmas morning we were all set and ready to go, we got to the airport, checking in, until ALL of a sudden, the guy attending us asked my mum to give him her valid passport seeing as it had expired. My mum obviously taken aback, searched frantically hoping she’d have renewed her passport and she just forgot to take it out but alas, that was not the case. And since it was Christmas all businesses were closed so she couldn’t get her passport work done until Monday morning. We decided she’d stay back home and take the next flight available for Monday and we would go ahead. Both my grandmother and brother started crying, as opposed to my calm reaction, knowing we’d see her soon anyways. Our GPS helped us survive for the next 3 days. We managed to go to Miami’s free range Metro Zoo, which was pretty great πŸ˜€

And we went for the basketball game at the American Airlines Arena (which was pretty boring ’cause the game was SO totally one sided, Miami Heat was beating the Indiana Pacers from the very beginning and ended up winning by 40 points >_>)

Once my mum got back on Monday we embarked on our “roadtrip”, where we went to Naples (which I found kinda pretty and scenic, remiscent to Panama in a way though)

We then moved on to Fort Myers, which was bleh, pretty similar…And then on New Years Eve my dad wanted us to drive 5 hours north to St Augustine instead of driving 2 hours to Miami. And after loads of pleas from my brother and I to choose Miami (we were literally complaining most of the drive there) my dad insisted we go to St. Augustine. What was there? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING…other than great seafood it was A TOTAL BORE. And to think only a few hours away Gaga was performing her New Year’s Eve show in MIA and South Beach was probably shaking from all the bass emerging from nightclubs and people all over the place. We were stuck in NO MAN’S TOWN… After dinner, we ended up wishing each other Happy New Year next to the only joint that seemed populated in that Godforsaken town which happened to be called “Panama Hatties”, ironic much? Suffice to say that was the crappiest new year’s I’ve ever had.
We went back to Miami the next day after a visit to St. Augustine’s Believe it or Not (which was pretty kewl I must say), and just chilled out. Seeing as I demanded we get back the night before Gaga, so I could get ready for it πŸ˜€ And there would be no chance in hell we’d get there late. Washed my hair that night, woke up and straightened it then proceeded to do my makeup πŸ˜€ I wish I would have worn something more outrageous but no such luck…I honestly didn’t bother to make something special, maybe next time. As we approached the venue we saw this:

And I of course proceeded to scream and get overly excited πŸ˜› It was pretty epic.
We waited in line to get in (it was really messy too, everybody, regardless of where your seating or standing was, stood in the same lines) and we met some really nice people. Among them this mother and daughter who looked really alike, as we found out later on though that the daughter was the one who bought her mother tickets to see the show seeing as her mom is A “HUGE LADY GAGA” fan, my mum found this really amusing as did I to be honest. After being given wristbands and allowed inside my dad and brother went to the upper level to their seats and my mum and I just stood in the area where all the people who had general admission tickets were, right in front of the stage. We befriended 3 homos and this girl, 2 of the homos were a couple (one of them had bought the other one tickets for the concert as a Christmas present), the other homo was this Puerto Rican who came all the way to see her show (as did I :D) and the girl was just this random chick who had driven up from some other part of Florida to see the show too. I’d post a pic but I look GUHROSS, anywho, the show started with Semi-Precious Weapons who were insanely R-rated and then Jason Derulo who was a total bore until he played his hit single “Whatcha Say.” After he finished, he told us Gaga would come on and left us for what felt like a century, but must have been 10-15 minutes give or take WANTING HER TO COME ON. Everybody was howling and scowling and screaming and jumping and FINALLY…The 1 minute countdown began and hologram images were being shown to us of her, and we were dying of anticipation and anxiousness

And so…finally we saw this beautiful bright shining creature emerge, and I couldn’t believe it was her. I was just in awe and amazement, this feeling continued throughout her affectionate “I fucking love you my little monsters!” and “Put your hands up and scream!” and her continuous singing and dancing and playing. I have surely never loved an artist as much as I do her and perhaps I never will but at least now I can die happy knowing I got to see her at her best.

So yeah after that epic experience, my dad, grandma and brother left and finally my mum and I were left by our lonesome to venture out πŸ˜€
We did a bit of shopping where I bought quite a few dresses and very few tops 😦 Shopping was kinda crap Although atleast I got a couple of cute boots! A pair of long boots and a pair of booties. That last pair I just tried on for the fun of it πŸ˜› (They reminded me of Gaga’s)

After all the shopping we did we also got to go for Russell Peters, whom we both love dearly. He was hilarious and of course I waited after the show to get a picture with himYay for wearing my boots for the first time out!

Anyways, that was pretty much a summary of my trip… Regarding life atm, I haven’t done much. Still going to the gym and hanging out with a couple of friends here and there from time to time πŸ™‚ A few of us went bowling on Tuesday, it was fun!

Peace out!


I haven’t been up to much honestly…All this time off, one would think it’s a good opportunity to do something productive and make use of one’s time but all I do is wake up late, eat, fool around on my pc, watch tv shows with my mum from time to time, go to the gym on weekdays for a couple of hours, come back home, eat, fool around more on my pc and go to bed late.

I always start off my school breaks thinking I’m going to do this and that but the truth is, when it comes down to doing it, idunno I just don’t feel the pull anymore. I said I was gonna take Hindi classes, driving classes (starting next week), stitching classes and that I was going to discover what I wanted to do with my life which I haven’t even got around to doing just yet. Partly because I have this fear of not really coming up with anything and realizing I have no future, I’m not particularly good at anything and I’m going to end up leading a mediocre life with mediocre things and mediocre people. I know it sounds so pathetic to think that I actually feel this way but I can’t help it.

Not to mention these past few days, I’ve been thinking about how nice it would be if I had a love life…And it makes me sad to think I might not have one for a while… I guess we’ll see with time. I just hope this year turns out to be more productive for me somehow, in the sense that, if I discovered my calling, and that calling just happened to be one that will bring me lots of money and happiness…I would consider this year to be a total sucess. Everything else would just fall into place sooner or later, or at least I’d like to think so. I have nothing but hope to keep me going.

I think my next post will be about my trip, that way I can incorporate pics and make my blog a little easier on the eyes ^^

Nighty Night


It’s 2010 bitches!

DAMN! It has been SOOOOO LONG since my last post…I can’t even say I’ve been upto ALL that much as to justify why I don’t get on here anymore, honestly.
But wells, I am back! Hopefully for good, or maybe not. Hopefully I’ll actually find something or someONE (highly doubtful) that I’m paassionate about and that will keep me way too busy to bother with blogging.

Anyways, let’s see…What were the best and the worst highlights of 2009, they’ve done it all over in magazines and tv slots anyway so I might as well give it a try too.
Let’s go with the bad first:
School was same old, I hated my teachers more than ever this year though, they were friggin insufferable and they made me wanna leave this country so much more.
My love life continued to be…well, non-existant.
Family drama was not to be missed, to the point where I cried more in one day than I have in years.
One of my former best online friends and his mum were shot and killed by his father and subsequently his father committed suicide (screwed up headline of an American newspaper much?)
I continued to inevitably be shown just how shitty the “community” is here and how I will probably never feel like I’ve been treated right by them. Just as well, I dont need them, I’ve got friends and they’re awesome.
Oh, I also fought with one of my best friends…Yeah she’s no longer my friend.
I still don’t know what I want to study and do in the future (which is very near).
My laptop was stolen during my school’s debate forum.

Okay I think we’re good for now, let’s move on to the best of 2009
I had some really great times with friends, laughed my head off.
Made plans to go on a Eurotrip in 2011 with a couple of girlfriends.
Travelled to the U.S and Mexico (where I got to see a couple of my best friends), twice.
Cultivated my love for Gaga and went for her show in Miami in the beginning of 2010.
I got a pretty new laptop πŸ˜€
Became a little more adventurous in the drinking department, still a good girl though, never gotten piss drunk and hope to never will πŸ™‚
Got asked to go to Washington and NY this summer for GYLC (Global Young Leaders Conference) which I’ve heard is an awesome experience.
My classroom organized the coolest talent show our school has ever had and I obviously participated.
I also cultivated my love for nice clothes and shoes<3
And realized just how important money’s going to be to me in the future. I’m not sure if this is a good or bad to be honest haha

I think we’re done on the highlights and lowlights of 2009 for now. A new year awaits, which reminds me as to what I’ve been upto this year thus far.

I’ve been going to the gym lately to build up some sort of stamina, my everything has hurt. I tried to shop as much as I could considering the crappy season in the U.S and I’m starting driving classes soon. I also got the numbers of a college counselor and a career counselor, which should come in handy and fix the problem of me not knowing what to do with my life.

Anyways I think that’s more than enough for now, bye bye<3



I sure never blog anymore do I? Oh well, the whole point of blogging was really for me to keep a record of things going on in my life anyway so I can look back at this one day and think aww, this was me a few years ago and this is what I went through.
So let’s see, what’s new?
I’m more obsessed with Lady Gaga than ever, I love love loveeeee her!
My two week break from school just ended and so I’m back to my hellhole, fun times indeed.
Although during my two weeks I went for Angie’s 17th birthday party, which included a suprise dinner with her, followed by a limo ride and ended by some clubbing. It was awesome except the clubbing part, the music was kinda bleh, the people well…eh, same old same old overall fun experience though.
DSC08888Oh and a couple of days after her party I WENT TO CANCUN!
DSC09012Met up with Ohmar, Cesawr, their darling mum, Raul and Aline.
I can’t describe how awesome an experience that was and I can’t possibly nor will I ever be able to explain how I was allowed to go on this trip considering it involved nothing but me and what were according to my parents pretty much “complete strangers” at the time but I’m so glad that by some miracle of the world it worked out.
The whole time I was there I couldn’t help but continue to think about how if it weren’t for the Internet I wouldn’t be there and I’d have most probably never met these amazing people whom I happen to consider a couple of my closest friends in the entire world. Made me see just how a computer screen really isn’t that much of a barrier when it comes to true compatibility. I spent a week with these people and I never once felt like an outsider, if anything I felt they were family. We did so many adventurous fun things, things I’d probably never get the chance to do with my own family, which is why I guess I appreciated it so much more, because it was genuinely my first time experiencing them.
And at the end of that week it’s funny how much I dreaded that goodbye just because I knew that at this point it would hurt me, the same way it hurt when Daphne left to England, the same way it’s going to hurt when I graduateΒ  and I’ll have to face the fact that my friends and I are all going our own separate ways in life. It’s really that uncertainty of what lies ahead which terrifies me but at the same time I guess it’s the same thing which gives me so much to look forward to.
And as much as it might have hurt me to deal with those goodbyes (as much as I might despise them) I knew it wasn’t so much a goodbye but more of a so long. And if I could go back in time and change it, I’d do it all again exactly the same way, no regrets. That’s just a chance you have to take when you decide to love, best part is I’ve never had the chance to love beyond that family and friend level, I can’t even imagine how crushed I would be if I were to be susceptible to the possible pain romantic relationships bring with them, which is exactly why I feel I’m just not ready yet.
I mean really in the end, all you’ve got is your family and your friends, they’ve made you who you are and they continue to shape you into who you’re going to be and as much as we’d like to think that we’re strong and independent in this world deep down we know that we’re fragile and dependent beings. We must face it and move on…

And so, “That’s the way the cookie crumbles”

(if you didn’t get that reference you SO fail :P)


since my last post.

I can’t really say there have been many changes since April but wells, let’s see if I can update.
In the events section I’ve had a couple of b-day parties, including my own a grad party and a little family road trip.

I haven’t done much really, school just gets suckier and suckier (yeah, somehow it’s possible) and along with it I get more and more unmotivated to go out on weekends…Oh wells.
On the bright side, Sophie’s in town! And I’ll hopefully plan a sleepover asap πŸ˜› Especially now that there’s only a week left of class before our two week break, so we’ll see.

I’ve been thinking of mentioning this France trip to my parents, it would be an exchange basically to a French boarding school where I would be taking French classes along with some other optional fun classes I would have the option of choosing such as French cuisine, any sport, drama, music, etc. It would be at the end of this year and since it’s open to people from all over the world I’d probably even get to meet new humans ;D (hopefully good looking europeans which I see none of in this Godforsaken country)

Anyway, I’m kinda sleepy so I’ma go to bed now! πŸ˜€


And I’m home…
I need a life methinks xD

Anywho, I didn’t do much all day…

Did a new eye makeup look πŸ˜€

And I went bowling, which I hadn’t done in AGES! It was fun πŸ™‚

dsc07939It was a long weekend this one, on account of Easter holidays and all…So I had Thursday and Friday off.

*yawns* I’ma go to bed soon…

Night night